“The main agenda of the workshop is to make you familiar with the basics of JavaScript which includes covering a wide range of topics from data types, to scopes, closures, object destructuring. Clearing the common misconceptions. ”


Know Your Speaker.

Tech enthusiast, gadget freak. JS developer, soon to be a MERN stack developer.

Sahil Yadav

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Points to Remember.

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    Know your HTML

    Basic HTML is a prerequisite. You are expected to know a thorough understanding of HTML tags using which table, forms... can be designed.

  2. 2

    Keep your weapons ready

    Each attendee is expected to carry a laptop with them with chrome and text editor of their choice installed preferably Sublime text or Atom.

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    That's it.

    You are all set.

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Venue: Dronacharya College of Engineering. — Date: 16 Feb 2019. Will be organized in January. Remember to bring your own laptop on the day of workshop.